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I left the PhD program in 2007, and haven't updated this page since.

The only things I keep updating at this site are the home page, and the separate writing samples page. Everything below is just here for my own memory.

Eldan Goldenberg


Doctoral student

Dynamics of Adaptive Behavior Research Group
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Case Western Reserve University

email: eldan at casedotedu

Research interests

I am interested in how complex systems are able to self-organise and self-regulate adaptively. A very wide range of systems exhibit similar combinations of sensitivity to change and robustness against external perturbations. Examples of this include cells responding to environmental variation, organisms learning about their surroundings, economies responding commodity price changes and ecosystems recovering from damage. I use highly abstracted models of such processes to test theories about their organisation, and find technological applications of the same principles.

I am currently putting together a doctoral thesis proposal to investigate the types of network structure that allow genetic regulatory networks to exhibit great robustness in the face of environmental noise.


Calls For Papers



I am a PhD candidate at Case Western Reserve University, under the supervision of Randy Beer. Dr. Beer has recently moved to the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington, but I remain registered at CWRU for administrative purposes. I started my doctorate in August 2003, passed the qualifying exams in December 2004 and completed the classroom requirements in May 2005.


In 2002 I graduated with distinction from the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems MSc programme at Sussex University's former School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences. I wrote my thesis—Automatic layout of variable-content print data—as an intern with the HP Labs Biologically Inspired Complex Adaptive Systems group. The thesis work is also the subject of a patent.


In 1999 I graduated with honours in Psychology, with a school course in biologically-inspired artificial intelligence, from Sussex University's former School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences.


In 2006 I took the Introduction to Systems Biology course at the Institute for Systems Biology.


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