A little champagne?

Fuji S602 digital.  1/250 second @ f/2.8 & ISO 400. /

Kyiv, Ukraine
February 25th 2006

It is a Ukrainian (or possibly just Kyivan?) custom to tour the city between getting married and going to the evening reception, with the happy couple having their photo taken at each. This is the aftermath...

Petrivska Aleya

Fuji S602 digital.  1/160 second @ f/3.2 & ISO 200. /

Kyiv, Ukraine
February 23rd 2006

Podil and the Dnipro

Fuji S602 digital.  1/350 second @ f/4 & ISO 200. /

Kyiv, Ukraine
February 23rd 2006

Flags on the Maidan

Fuji S602 digital.  1/300 second @ f/2.8 & ISO 200. /

Kyiv, Ukraine
February 23rd 2006

This was the big square where protesters gathered to wave orange things and overthrow the government in 2004.

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Suddenly, sunshine

Fuji S602 digital.  1/240 second @ f/2.8 &  ISO 400.  From a moving bus. /

On the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary, AB and Golden, BC
March 11th, 2006

It often seems to be the case that there is a front in the vicinity of Banff, with dramatically different weather to the east and the west. This time we found ourselves crossing in the right direction.

Misty Mountain

In honour of ancient internet tradition

2/3 second @ f/2.8 & ISO 200. /

Seattle, Washington, USA
March 20th 2006

I'm not one to break The Law, so here is a picture of Wesley Willis in his natural habitat: hiding under the couch. We adopted him on Sunday, and yes he is our second pet (after Ray Charles the goldfish) named after a deceased handicapped musician.

What a week

1/90 second @ f/4.5 & ISO 200. /

Just got back from the best week of skiing I've ever had. Huge amounts of snow, huge amounts of skiing, and all in all a week to remember. Only trouble was that I didn't manage to take my camera out of the lodge except when it was cloudy, so it was a rubbish week for photography....


Fuji S602 digital.  1/70 second @ f/2.8 & ISO 200.  Zoomed through a wide-angle lens attachment. /

Kyiv, Ukraine
February 23rd 2006

And I'm off again. This time to Canada for a week of skiing. Normal service will resume after that.

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Snoqualmie Falls

Fuji S602 digital.  1/100 second @ f/5 & ISO 200. /

Snoqualmie, Washington, USA
July 5th 2005
The last stop on the roadtrip.

Columbia River

Fuji S602 digital.  1/600 second @ f/8 & ISO 200. /

One more of that river, from the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
Washington, USA
July 5th 2005


Fuji S602 digital.  1/500 second @ f/8 & ISO 200. /

Central Washington, USA
July 5th 2005

Columbia River Triptych

looking downstream (to Portland!)looking across (to Seattle!)looking upstream (to Canada!)

The Columbia River Gorge
in the middle of Washington, USA
July 5th, 2005

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Fuji S602 digital.  1/450 second @ f/8 & ISO 200. /

As promised, my one Idaho picture. I actually took three, but they were the same scene framed differently.

Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
July 5th 2005