A garden inclosed

Loading the car, Davison, Michigan, USA
June 27th 2005


Melinda's dad's car, at the car show, Flint, Michigan, USA
June 26th 2005

Reflection on typography

Me in a hubcap, at the car show of course, Flint, Michigan, USA
June 26th 2005

I realise that this is an obscure form of geekery, but one of my favourite things about old cars (and old advertising, and old books) is that the text on them just looks so beautiful. I feel like modern cars pay much less attention to such details, as if designers have collectively forgotten that even something as mundane as the manufacturer's name can be an attractive ornament.

Note: Melinda's written up her account of the whole roadtrip.

The Black Ride

Sloan car show, Flint, Michigan, USA
June 26th 2005

We spent a few days in Davison with Melinda's parents, and we were lucky enough to have that stay coincide with the annual vintage car fair. It was noticeably smaller than last year's, but still had a few hundred beautiful cars to go and gawk at. Of course, our own car is not quite as cool as this one, but when you have 3,000 miles to drive practical concerns have to come to the fore....

Noted elsewhere


Melinda's parents' front garden, Davison, Michigan, USA
June 25th 2005

Ground Control to Major Ray

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
June 22nd 2005

This is Melinda's goldfish, Ray, in his mini tank for the roadtrip. He didn't seem too impressed with the cramped quarters, but I think he doesn't know what's good for him. See, when I was not much older than he is, I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world to be an astronaut, and lucky old Ray was able to experience something similar. There he was for 12 days in a cramped capsule that contained the special atmosphere he needed to survive, with a life support system that we plugged in every night so that he could always breathe, eating freeze-dried food pellets (except when Alexis treated him to a frozen pea from the ice pack for her broken foot), and travelling a long distance. How many goldfish get to have adventures like that?

Seriously though, he does seem happier now that he's back in his 20 gallon tank, but he made it through the trip.

Happy birthday, America

Saltese, Montana, USA
July 4th 2005

The roadtrip was fantastic, and unsurprisingly it's given me a lot of material. At present I have 652 photos from 10 days, though I typically only keep 1 in 3 of the pictures I take, and I'll put a much smaller subset up here. Still, I'll probably take a couple of months to show all the roadtrip photos, one per day. From tomorrow I'll start doing them in order, but this seemed like a fitting way to start a set of pictures from a trip across America.