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I've been doing this for less than a week, and doing a fairly good job so far of resisting the temptation to waste hours playing with the layout. I do want to tinker a little with it over the next few days though, and then stick with what I have at the end. Mostly this will be me looking at other ways to publish this which might be easier than using Blogger, and unless you're about to set up a photoblog too that probably won't be of interest, so I won't bother you with those details. However, I would appreciate answers to a few questions:
  1. Who are you? (I have no idea how many people even look at this)
  2. How did you find this site?
  3. Does the navigation work for you? If not, what would make it easier?
  4. Does the layout work for you, or is it in any way distracting from the photo?
  5. Do the colours work, or should I use something else instead of black for the background?
  6. Should I post larger pictures?
  7. And finally, which is gramatically correct: 1/500 second or 1/500 seconds?


Anonymous said...

1) alx
2) You linked to it from yr blog
3) I'd not experienced any problems with it, so I guess so
4) Ditto
5) I like the black
6) Can you have the standard-size picture link to a larger version?
7) I reckon "1/500 second" which is clearer if read out, at which point it normally becomes something like "One five-hundredth of a second". You'd use the plural if you expressed it as a decimal - i.e. 0.002 seconds. I guess you could read it out as "One over five hundred seconds", but that just sounds weird to me.

10:59 PM  
Gregz said...

1. Gregz
2. Google alerts (
3. It's fine
4. cool
5. black is fine
6. i wouldn't mind 800x600 pictures
7. 1/500 second

9:51 PM  

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