How may I help you?

Seattle, July 2018

I am a freelance GIS consultant in search of interesting systems to tell stories about.

I am good at

Big picture: taking a mass of data and turning it into maps and charts that you can use to understand a problem space and make better choices about it.

Nuts and bolts: I have lots of experience with—and take a perverse pleasure in—imposing order on the messiest of data. I’m also good at automating data import and management processes so we can all stop doing the tedious work by hand and focus on analysis & meaning.

Technical buzzwords for the robots: QGIS, Python, GDAL, Tableau, Alteryx, JavaScript, jQuery, Mapbox, Leaflet, D3.

I am drawn to

It’s important to me to work on things that promote sustainability in a thoroughly humanistic sense: making life better for people alive today without borrowing from the future. There are many ways that can work, but if your project doesn’t make the world a better place in at least some small way I don’t want to hear about it.

Some current projects

  • Data import, analysis and visualisation for FINclusionLab, a global financial inclusion project.
  • Automated data import pipeline for HazardReady’s disaster preparedness websites.
  • More examples.

Things I’ve done in the past

  • Built most of the software for DR-i-VE Decisions, a virtual environment that lets you explore urban systems and the impact of potential development on them.
  • Interactive web maps for various clients, for example: one I was the solo developer for; one I subcontracted on to help get the interaction details right.
  • Data export & packaging automation for a repository of outdoor recreation geodata in Washington State.
  • I was responsible for survey and indicator data at The Happiness Initiative, which is a project to get wellbeing taken seriously as a public policy goal.
  • I researched issues for Chris Jordan and wrote background pieces about his artwork, explaining the issues he illustrates, why people should care and what they can do to help.
  • Wrote the data analysis parts (pp 8-33) of a happiness report card for Seattle’s local government.
  • Organised a symposium about the likely impacts of climate change on water resources in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Managed groups of volunteers, interns and employees on projects ranging from habitat restoration to launching a new business venture.
  • Helped produce an art show full of machines that go ping.
  • Taught computer programming and web site development to beginners, and the use of Excel for data analysis to more advanced students.
  • Tested an artificial intelligence technique based on ideas from biology, to show that it could be practical for a specific real-world application.
  • Had photos published in a couple of books, magazines and a few websites.

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Let’s talk

If you think I could help your project, then just drop me an email.