Wednesday, August 31

I spoke too soon

So, I walked for 5 minutes and decided I should get some tea and look at a map. Conveniently, I was outside a place that offered both drinks and free wi-fi. This is even better, and now I'm wishing I'd brought the camera's USB cable so I could upload the graffiti pictures I took around Old Street.
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The stale taste of recycled air

The price I pay for living somewhere very cool that is neither where my work is based nor where my family or old friends live is having to travel entirely too much. It's a price unquestionably worth paying, but I'd love to go a whole month without seeing the inside of an airplane.

Since arriving in Seattle, I've already made two return trips to the Midwest, I have another to Cleveland coming up in September, and right now I am in London. I arrived yesterday on one of the more pleasant night flights I've had, having slept for almost as long as I would in a usual night at home. Really the whole experience has been unusually pleasant. Each time I go through Sea-Tac I become more convinced that it is the nicest airport I have seen anywhere in the world, plus both check-in and security are admirably efficient (and I've taken 4 different airlines through there, so it's not just one airline's setup). Then there's the amazing collection of glass art (how convenient to be just up the road from Dale Chihuly's art school...), the simple fact that the waiting areas are actually big enough to accommodate the number of people using them, and... I think America's other mid-sized airports (*cough cough* Hopkins) could learn a lot from them. The flight itself was also nice, because unlike some of their US-run competitors, British Airways don't insist on making pointless announcements after take-off, or waking me up to serve me their crappy food, or doing any of the other stupid things AA and Continental do that make it hard to sleep on the plane.

Granted, I am still jet-lagged, but I was in a much better state yesterday than the day I landed in Cleveland, and with this night flight it wouldn't be so awful to have to do things the day I arrive, whereas with the Cleveland one I had to write off that day entirely because I was so tired. Oh, and Heathrow will always be too big and consequently a confusing, timewasting place, but for an airport of such gigantic size it functions relatively well.

I'm going to go and wander around taking photos now, because although this trip is primarily for work,) I have so much more control over my workload than I did in May that I can actually enjoy a few days holiday before the conference starts. But first a word about internet access here. I'm very spoilt coming from Seattle, so it irritates me no end that I can't just sit in a nice coffee shop and get my laptop online, but it's compensated for by the extreme cheapness of dedicated internet cafes. 50 pence for half an hour online, and I don't even have to lug the laptop around.

Writing more can wait; it's time to take pictures of the gherkin.
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Thursday, August 25

The word of the day

Coined by Erin on a mailing list we're both on; definition inferred by me:
adj. Exhibiting a determination to present a story as having precisely 2 sides of precisely equal merit, with no regard for piddling little issues such as one view being obvious hogwash or morally repugnant, or the existence of a third [or—heaven forfend!—more] legitimate point of view. Especially useful for describing the pernicious style of journalism characteristic of but by no means confined to cable television news channels in the United States.
e.g. My, Paula Zahn was dichotomalicious on Tuesday.
I should also note that in the course of writing this entry I looked up pernicious and insidious in the Mac OS dictionary to see which was the more appropriate in context. I mention this solely in order to point out that this particular dictionary's example for the correct useage of pernicious is the pernicious influences of the mass media.
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Tuesday, August 23

It's over there!

I have been in a continual state of meaning to update my blog for several weeks now. Obviously it's not been on my mind that much or else I'd have gone ahead and done it by now. This is not a real post, but it's just a little heads up that my other blogs have woken from their hibernation, and there are new posts there:
  • Wedding planning because we're actually doing some now.
  • Work because I don't feel bad about writing that kind of thing during my work hours.
  • Photos; now also on Flickr if that suits you better (it's 90% the same content, just a different format).
I have loads of things I want to write about here, but I keep putting it off until late enough in the day that I decide to go to bed instead of blogging. Either I'm getting old, getting a life, or both.
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