Wednesday, April 25

Moving blog

I've decided to take up blogging again, but to move over to Livejournal. I'm doing this because I no longer feel like making the majority of even slightly personal posts public, but in a long blog hiatus I've realised that I miss the group conversations it sometimes triggers, and that it's useful to have a way of notifying many people at once of general 'me news', so that when I speak to someone I don't end up spending the whole conversation catching up on the past 6 months.

To view the majority of my posts, you'll need a livejournal account, and I'll need to add you to my 'friends list'. So if you have an account already, or decide to create one, and you're not on my friends list, drop me an email and I'll add you.

My blog's new home is eldan.livejournal.com.
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Thursday, February 15

Still an alien, still a legal alien

My application for US permanent residency was approved today. The interview ran smoothly and didn't even take very long, and I should get the green card in the mail in about 10 days.
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Thursday, January 25

This blog is so 2003

The more astute among my 5 readers may have noticed that I don't write very much here any more. It's not that I've lost my compulsion to put loads of information up on the web; just that I haven't felt like writing general updates very much lately, and on the rare occasions when I have had the urge I've decided to email a friend instead of blogging. I'll probably keep doing that, because I'm horribly behind with even replying to peoples' emails, let alone writing to those who I haven't heard from in a while.

But anyway, if you've missed me you may be better off following things other than this blog. I post a huge number of photos regularly, and these days I'm not taking much time between taking photos and putting them online, so the Flickr stream is kind of serving the purpose that this blog originally did - it's now where I document all the interesting places I get to visit. Meanwhile, I'm trying to update my work blog every working day, and write posts in a way that will be intelligible to people who aren't closely involved in my or related work. I realise it still won't be of interest to all that many people, but hopefully it will now be relevant to more people than just my academic advisors.

Of course, writing a post like this usually means that tomorrow I'll be gripped by the urge to blog about 15 different things, but it's been some time since I've actually updated this blog regularly.
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